Cultural Event: Paris Memorial

This cultural event is one that I happened upon while getting lost looking for another.


At the corner of Colfax and Broadway, at the Civic Center Park, a small memorial had been built in memory of those harmed in the recent Paris shooting.


The event was being televised and there were a few people being interviewed.


Both French and English could be heard in the exchanges between the people present.


It was lovely to see the warm and very quick response to the attacks. Sad as it is, it brought these like-minded people together to raise awareness for the issue.


Bonus: Deck the Mall is happening at 16th Street. This was what I originally planned on attending.


Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

The Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta is an annual event in early October where thousands of hot air balloons from around the world take off and land at the Balloon Fiesta Park. The balloons can only take off in the morning when the weather is sunny with little wind. Most balloons are teardrop shaped, but there are some that are specially themed.

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Haiku: Poetry in Art

For my first cultural event, I attended the Haiku: Poetry in Art exhibit at the Republic Plaza.

P09-29-15_14.37[1] P09-29-15_14.44 P09-29-15_14.44[1]

The art that was on display included hanging art, paintings, drawings and a variety of sculptures.

P09-29-15_14.48 P09-29-15_14.48[2]P09-29-15_14.52

The main theme was haiku, a type of poetry that is written with a specific structure.

P09-29-15_14.53 P09-29-15_14.54 P09-29-15_14.56

Each artist’s series had a specific underlying structure, much like haiku.

P09-29-15_14.56[1] P09-29-15_14.57

Some of the artists had descriptions by their works, which mentions their inspirations, such as rising water levels or the way light diffuses through trees.

P09-29-15_15.00 P09-29-15_15.02 P09-29-15_15.04

Even though haiku may cause us to think of only one culture, the concepts that it embodies can be applied to many cultures.

Learning Robots

The way that robots learn is not as developed as the way humans learn, but it is easily understood. Many modern robots have learning algorithms, where they watch and listen to a person performing a task, and then imitating it. As new information enters into the robot’s database, it can either append or replace old information.


Business Office Hierarchy

At the start of this analysis, I only had a general idea of how business offices work. This sketch should show that:


Now I know that business tend to be much more organized. The following sketch shows the flow of instruction from top to bottom and the flow of labor from bottom to top.


Path Following Robot


This control system is a path following robot. For simplicity, the robot can only turn right or move forward. The robot consists of a color detector connected to a plant which controls two motors. When the robot “sees” black or a dark color, it will move forward. If it sees a light or white color, the robot will turn until it sees black.

Tiny Living Things in your Stomach

This picture shows how one thing goes to another:


Here is a picture that should help you learn more:


Most people do not know that inside their bodies, there are living things that are very tiny that live in their stomachs. There are more of these tiny living things in your body than there are cells in your body! These tiny living things do not hurt but instead help the person the live in.  When your stomach gets food from your mouth tube, it can sometimes have bad living things with no brains with it. If this happens, the tiny things will eat the bad living things with no brains and keep your stomach and the lower tubes okay.
The tiny things also break down any food things that are also bad. These tiny living things did not come from your body, but from your mother’s body or from the air around you. When they die, they can leave your body in brown things with a bad smell.